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Ann Noble

location iconInglewood
Finding the right balance without being too wordy isn't simple for some.I am one of them. Especially when others are reading your profile and determine in a matter of seconds/minutes yes/no!! Simple and to the point. No-Nonsense,Strong Willed/Minded, Courageous,Protective, Honest, andTrustworthy. I am very social once I get to know someone. However, life and experiences have guided me to the notion that (Familiarity) can and does sometimes breeds "Contempt" in some!! Sometimes the less others know about you personally and privately, are better for your relationship. However, acceptance is big for me as far as accepting me for who I am, and not attempting to "cookie cut"me into something or someone I'm not! This is the wisdom of understanding that everyone has room for improvement . I love to cook, read, write and I love to travel .