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My name is Anoop Verma, an Indian passport holder. I completed my Law Graduation in 2016 and since then I am working with a renowned & leading law firm situated at Jangpura, New Delhi but traveling and photography has always been my first passion. I love to travel, experience different cultures, make new friends and meet other travelers as this is what life means to me. This blog came out from my travel experiences. I have started writing so that I can share my travel experiences with the world, especially with those who love to travel and would like to see the world from my eyes. I will try to share as much as information as I can, related to the trips, the best places to visit, what to eat etc. through my blogs. There are plenty of ways, through which you can become more involved with me like Instagram because that is where I post/share most of my travel pictures and information. Connect me on Instagram: