Photo of Anubhav Sapra

Anubhav Sapra

location iconDelhi, India
An avid food connoisseur, gregarious in his conduct and an explorer by heart, Mr. Anubhav Sapra is the soul of Delhi Food Walks. He is the reason behind the inception of Delhi food walks for his love for Delhi street food and a never terminating yearning to explore this stupendous city, for what it has in store for us the next moment, nobody can anticipate!! Mr. Anubhav completed his masters in political science from Delhi University and he did his diploma in sustainable rural development from NIRD. With a vision to create a better society to live in and to emancipate the underprivileged section of our society, three years back he joined a grass root organisation. He has been working since then with this organization and undoubtedly has become the driving wheel of it because of his determination. Besides his love for society and fellow human beings, Mr. Anubhav is passionate about organizing food expeditions and socializing with different people with similar gastronomic interests. To know him more, know Delhi food Walks more!!