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Arun Gupta

After working for 20 years in corporate world, Yogi Arun visualized that Universe is calling him for a bigger purpose. Suddenly, he resigned his high paying Job of General Counsel of a Multinational Company and went in Thai jungle to live with Thai Monks. There he meditated and leant Vipasana Meditation and understood meaning of life and complexities associated with it. Monks gave him immense powers to connect with others and pass on his energy to heal and help them. Yogi Arun went on his quest for seeking more and more knowledge and meditated in Himalayas. He spent most of his time in meditating with Sadhus and enlightened Babas on the bank of Ganges in Rishikesh. Yogi Arun teaches his disciples different forms of meditations (Kundalini Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Vipasana Meditation etc.). Being a Grand Master in Rekhi healing, he has helped many people in their healing process. Being a Certified Yoga Trainer (registered with Yoga Allianz, USA), he kept on sharing his knowledge of Yogic Kriyas and Asanas with people he met. To further his vision of helping mankind, Yogi Arun, founded “Vishwamaitra International Research Institute” to spread the message to the world that by adopting yogic way of living, mankind can stay away from chronic diseases. Many research associates from around the world are working closely with Yogi Arun under the Umbrella of “Vishwamaitra International Research Institute”.