Aachen, Germany
Avishek Patra is an avid traveler and an amateur Photographer. His interests mainly include Travel Photography, but also loves to do Wildlife Photography when possible. Inspired by his father at an early age, he has been a keen student of photography since his school days. Having traveled across the country - from mountains of Ladakh to sandy beaches of Pondicherry with his parents - he also developed an insatiable appetite for traveling. After getting his first camera - a Semi-Pro D-SLR Canon 550D in 2010-11, and then moving to Germany for studies, the passion of travel and photography has only increased. After having photographed and traveled around 18 countries, he continues to live in Germany pursuing his doctoral degree - and of course, Traveling and Photographing.
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Favorite Travel Activities
  • Nature
  • Backpacking
  • Culture
  • City Travels
  • Adventure
  • Arts & Events
  • Beach Holidays
  • Budget Travel
  • Day Trips
  • Family Trips
  • Road Trips
  • Getaways
  • History & Architecture
  • Wildlife
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