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Sunny & Runi (Thailand)

location iconAtam Nagar, Model Town, Ludhiana
S T O R Y T E L L E R P H O T O B L O G G E R F O L L O W U S FB - TTigerHHere Insta - tiger_here707 I remember when I was kid, I used to watch a discovery channel's travelling program you all may familiar with it called "Lonely Planet (Globe Trekker)". Since that time I have been loving in travelling, knowing new cultures and ppl, learning how beautiful this world is to explore and variations of lives of ppl. I and my partner Runi from Bangkok we focus to explore north India (Himalayas). We tripped as couple together self planned many beautiful and natural places, met many ppl in our journeys. I collected thousands of pictures and videos of our itinerary which I am going to share here the very first time in my life. keep in touch with us and share our travel experiences. We welcome your feedback also. I want to connect with travellers here within or outside my country and if possible travelling with them also.