Photo of Avanish


I am a storyteller. I search them on the road and compile them on the web. Whenever I get free time in this cruel world of 9 to 5, I step out from my cocoon, to search my soul, to explore a new place, to tell a new story. I neither have a big desire to explore each and every corner in this world, nor have a bucket list. I just do whatever my heart says. It can be a road-tripping, trekking, river-chasing, photography, motorcycle riding, snorkeling, now scuba diving etc. Sometimes, I just sit and stare on the map. And for all this, I don’t wait for the others. Its written in The Dhammapada, Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone. Its all about following my heart. I just have a single wish, “At the dusk of my life, when these eyes started to close, there should be the peace in my heart, that I lived this life with full craziness, spent few moments at some of the most beautiful destinations, and inspired some more people to step out from their comfort zone to explore this beautiful planet”.