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Balbir Singh

location iconDelhi, India
Hello I am Balbir I’ve been called a storyteller, photographer, digital nomad, instagrammer, travel planner and designer. I love travel experiences that makes me uncomfortable, photographing people, and telling stories with light and shadow. My travel photography reflects my unplanned and sustainable travel, embracing local ways of life, spending time with indigenous communities, exploring places off the beaten path. I have travelled 35 countries from European Union to wild Africa, from Mount Fuji to the South Eat Asian Islands. I have covered extensively deep interiors of India. I have taken photographs that you have been used by magazines, websites, Chambers of Commerce, India brand Equity Foundation, travel companies like Make My Trip, several convention and government agencies. You can hire me for a photography worksop or as a personal trip planner and photographer to make a significant impact and capture special memories by putting my knowledge and expertise to work for you. My work links: If you’re interested in grabbing coffee and talking about how we can work together, please send an email my way.