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"Being Out There" started with a dream, a dream of wild abandon. What was launched as an escape from our 9 to 5 routine turned into a long journey. In the mountains the trails turned inwards, the rivers overflowed with joy, and there we were, waving at children, rediscovering our own innocence, awakening the child within. Thus was born Being Out There, where passion fuels the path to exploration and enjoyment of mountain wilderness through active participation. Whether the road to self-discovery or just wanderlust, our inspiring odysseys evoke joy, like raindrops on mud, like ripples on still water, by experiencing myriad Himalayan cultures and hidden destinations. As we live out our dream each day, we invite you to share our experiences, by participating in adventures that not only sparkle, but resonate for a long time. Come along for the ride, along borderless horizons, into the realm of “out there”. And as “Kipling” quotes in “The Explorer” - “Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the ranges – Something lost behind the ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go. ________________________________________ We are a small boutique adventure travel and sports outfit, taking you outdoors, exploring our world through mountain biking/cycling, trekking, motorcycling, road tripping, camping and rafting. Our focus is more on providing a complete personal service with emphasis on going down to the last detail. Keeping the group sizes small enables us to provide individual attention to all our guests needs. The team comprising of 5 individuals is spearheaded very passionately by Dhananjay who ensures he meets all guests personally and chalks out their holiday. Our brotherhood association with Great Indian Outdoors ( provides us with 12 class lodges and camps across Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Other associations forged over the years in Ladakh and Spiti help us to spearhead flawless operations in these regions. Over the next few years new camps and lodges are planned at Narkanda, Barot, Dharamshala and Kasauli. The good news would come soon. Our Philosophy We believe that the spirit of adventure is in everyone. Our adventures are planned with reasonably paced itineraries, attention to detail, and the right mix of fun, learning, and challenge to ensure a memorable vacation. You will find our adventures physically active and culturally rewarding. You will venture into the great outdoors, enjoy close contact with native people and their customs, get close up views of wildlife and feast your eyes on the incredible scenic vistas of the great mountain ranges. Invariably you’ll come back a different person with a whole new perspective on life. Whether you are riding your MTB in Spiti or hiking in Ladakh, you'll experience firsthand the cultures and environments of the region you are visiting. And after a long day of adventuring, we ensure you a comfortable night's rest in accommodations from regional inns to our own private camps. Our tagline emphasizes on ‘Exploring’; ‘Experiencing’ and ‘Evolving’. When we host our guests we take that a step further – ‘Excel’ in what you do. One process leads to another – It all starts with exploring the outdoors, which creates unique individual experiences for all us, these experiences help us evolve; call it broadening of one’s horizons or letting loose of your inhibitions and limits, this evolution leads us towards a better inherent self, enabling ourselves to excel in what ever we do. In today’s culture these outdoor experiences come as the most effective stress busters, inspirational and motivating.
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