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Al Bjørnstad

I left Manila for Norway in 2000 to have a short vacation. I never flew back. I always say that this is the longest vacation of my life. It was fun for awhile, discovering new culture, seeing new things and understanding another language. Then the homesickness crept in. I started keeping a journal at in 2002 to keep me from being sane, basically and to not forget my daily life in Norway. In 2004, a friend urged me to start a blog. I then started Time Out! ( then eventually tried another web host and other dot com´s. Then I realised that I am blogging primarily to keep myself from forgetting the highlights of my life in Norway, I finally decided to use, which I have kept for several years. I am still merging my journals, my other sites into this one so bear with me. I met a lot of wonderful people through blogging and have kept them even though they have stopped blogging a long time ago and moved to Facebook. This is my world, a place where I put thoughts into writing and where I keep the highlights of my LIFE AFTER MANILA. I am boring and eccentric. I am not into sports. I like extraordinary things. I love sale and shopping, yes in one sentence. I like art, architecture, ballet and the opera. I appreciate almost all kinds of music. Most of all, I am addicted to my family. -Al Bjørnstad