Photo of Chaitali Patel

Chaitali Patel

There are things I have tried to do and wanted to do. Some I have enjoyed and some I haven't. But the love for travel has been a constant. Why do I like to travel? A friend called me a wanderer and that’s stuck in my head ever since. Like a child that gets excited getting a new toy, I get excited just thinking of traveling. What kind of a traveler am I? I am the kind of traveler who wants to know everything about a place before I get there. I am so eager that no I can’t hold on till I get somewhere and then discover it. A lot of the fun for me starts even before the actual journey begins, from reading about it, talking to people who have been there, planning how to get there, where to stay, what to do and so on. Once I am there, I want to experience just about everything. Where did I get the travel bug from? This one I completely owe to my parents. As a couple, my parents shared one common interest and that was to travel. As little children we were taken across the country to see new places. When I was nine, my parents sent my sisters (older than me) and I to Europe on a vacation to learn to travel on our own and to experience the world out there. That was the start and there's no end in sight.