Photo of Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

This is a travel lifestyle started by four girls from around the world. Sonam Samat is a PhD student in Carnegie Mellon University researching in ‘Behavioral Economics’ who manages to travel around the world atleast twice a year. Roomi Kalita, working in Houston, TX, is our ‘fashionista’, who ensures that however long and hard our trip is, people turn around to look at her twice. Nandhini Ganesan, currently in Germany, is the most traveled amongst us and she has the travel bug itching her every now and then and finally I, Shilpa George, working in India, have an OCD to plan trips till the very end of our departure. What we have in common is our interest to explore all the corners of the world. We try and change our schedule so as to meet once a year at a common place.