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Bitten by the travel bug, driven by wanderlust, I have only one dream; to see beautiful places. As Susan Sontag rightly said, "I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list". Most of the time I am either planning my next trip or looking at my latest holiday pictures. I regularly share my travel and food experiences on
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    I always wanted to see Mumbai in the rains. Getting drenched while walking around in a pretty-pink sundress with a floral umbrella and flip-flops. Isn’t that how it happens in the movies? Well, on my recent trip to Mumbai, my attire and the setting was much the same but the scene quite far from how an A-list Bollywood actress would look like. Within minutes of stepping out, I looked like a drippy wet kitten looking for cover under a tapri. I hurriedly ran my hands in my handbag reaching for the rain jacket. I zipped it up to my throat and wore the hoodie too. Now I looked pretty much like the alien from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. Well, that did not deter me from losing focus on my mission; me along with Tarun and our dear friends Suri and Gaurav braved our way through the rain and forged ahead with our South Mumbai food trail. Our aim was to visit places that are age-old, have existed since forever and should exist on every food lover’s dream wish-list. We followed Tarun, who was on a nostalgia trip and was revisiting these places after almost 7 years. We feared whether most of them still existed or have shut down. Our first stopover was at Ideal corner, a Parsee restaurant near Fort. It was a small, no-frills restaurant with wooden tables and chairs. The menu was sorted as daily specials, which means they serve certain dishes on certain days of the week. We ordered patraani macchhi, masoor gosht, bheja fry, mutton cutlets and pav. The food arrived in no time and we fell in love at first bite. It is difficult to tell what we liked the most as one dish was better than the other. To down it all, we called for Pallonjee’s lemonade. Sigh, they no longer come in the glass bottles but have been replaced by plastic ones. We rounded it off with some caramel custard and chocolate mousse that contained a considerable amount of rum in it. We were all brimming with foodgasm; a deep-rooted pleasure that stems from being overtly satiated with the food we just consumed. And to add to that glory, all we shelled out for a meal for 4 was a meager 1000 rupees! Ideal Corner should be on the top of your list if you like authentic Parsee food in a simple and rustic, heritage restaurant. We learnt that this was once a vehicle repair shop that went by the name of Ideal and Corner is because the restaurant is on the corner of a building. Corner spaces were considered inauspicious by the Hindus, hence the Parsees took them and set up their establishments. read the full review here:
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