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Vicky Chong

I am just an ordinary woman living in Singapore. Why do I blog? I blog about my experiences. Like a time capsule, the blog reminds me on what I was like at a particular moment in time. I also blog so that my friends and relatives overseas and in Singapore know what’s happening to me without I having to repeat to them countless times. I blog when I am frustrated with life. I blog when I am excited. I blog whenever, whatever… I gripe and I complaint, although I try to do less of that now and write more about the things I appreciate and the lessons learnt. Blogs allow me to pursue my writing, something I’ve always wanted to do and didn’t, not for lack of opportunity, more due to laziness. What do I write? I write reviews on everything – food, restaurants, hotels, books, movies. This allows me to practise my writing, something that needs to be done constantly. I write about the challenges in parenting my three sons, one who is approaching adulthood and another approaching teenage. Lastly, I try to write on topics which I feel can enrich other women and mothers.