Photo of Maricel


Maricel is an itchy-footed Filipina who has been to exotic places across five continents. Her adventures include screaming over a python coiled around her legs by a playful tour guide in Siem Reap, recoiling at the sight of freshly fried tarantulas in Vietnam, marveling at the mystifying and engineering feat that is Stonehenge, gaping at the massive pyramids in Giza, waiting in suspense for the appearance of the elusive leopard in Masai Mara, admiring the intricate carvings of The Treasury in Petra, just to name a few. Although she only had seven countries on her bucket list when she first started, she ended up traveling to at least 27 countries instead and is still counting. When not traveling she loves to wear high-heeled shoes and boots and enjoys modelling summer and evening dresses. But she always jumps at the opportunity to wear her sneakers. She loves to interact with people, learn new cultures and hopes to inspire Filipinas and others to step out, go places, explore, taste and experience what this wonderful world has to offer.