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C S Prasanjit Kumar

location iconAmbernath-Badlapur Rd, Navare Nagar, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421506, India
Hello all you crazy souls, I am Prasanjit Kumar a practicing Company Secretary by profession and a biker by passion. This blog is my outlet to the way I see the world – Behind The Handlebar offcourse. The blogs here are mini glimpses into my adventures on the motorcycle. The journeys l have had solo or with like minded people. For me traveling equals attaining Nirvana and my bike is my gateway. Biking in most ways resembles life – the good roads relate to good times, the bad roads to bad times. The breakdowns are your heartbreaks and the crashes your failures. But the thrill lies in how effortlessly you rode throughout it all and what you did to make your ride worthwhile. Drop me a line or two on my facebook page Behind the Handlebar if you find sense in whatever I say.