Photo of Dannielle


I write about my adventures inspired by my never ending Bucket List, and if it entertains or encourages anyone then I consider this blog successful. Sometimes I get really anxious about all the places I want to go and things I want to do because life is so short, and try to live with this idea in mind- I would rather die of wear and tear than rust. Behind all of my writing is the persistent, niggling idea that life is short, and for most people, youth is the only time where we can explore and change our minds, our locations, our selves. While we’re young and (relatively) skinny is the time to follow our dreams. I want to write for a living, and live in Spain and Australia and maybe Canada and California except I’ve never been there, and I guess I should live in London while I’m young enough to handle it and I also want to stay in Stockbridge in Edinburgh forever because its cute and I want to teach English abroad and speak Spanish fluently and be a nomad and live in one of those self-sufficient communes just because and go to Italy and work on a vineyard and travel South America and study law and learn everything there is to know and read all of the books ever written and be a yoga teacher and be an Au Pair for a bit and be a chef and be a dancer and never go back to Isle of Man.