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Dilmuni Couple

location iconBahrain
We are Hussain & Mariam, Sharing love officially since 2012, frankly we love each other 4 years before that. We are here to live our dream and work hard to make our life a full time travel job. Away from life routines, in our honeymoon trip to Kashmir and Indian Himalayan mountains, and in a challenging trekking adventure we got to know our intimacy with traveling, exploring and sharing love with people. So we decided to keep life in this direction. What’s “Dilmuni Couple” means!? Bahrain has a Stone-Age history that dates back to 5000 BC, and evidence of settlement from 10, 000 BC, it has recently been confirmed by archaeologists as the seat of the lost and illustrious empire of Dilmun. Dilmun is a name of civilization lasted from 3200 to 330 BC, during which time, according to Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian inscriptions. While we were walking in Bahrain national museum, suddenly the name comes up in our mind! Dilmun had been described as the land of eternity and the land that the sun rises from. We like to be related to Dilmun so we are the Dilmuni Couple. Mariam lived in Syria for more than 10 years, and Hussain lived in UAE for more than 10 years! We met in Bahrain, the land which we belong to and where our journey together started.