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Charlotte Anne

location iconPhilippines
Hola! My name is Charlotte Anne, a travel and fashion junky. I was born and raised in a small town of Baguio, a cool mountainous place where the sweet scent of pine trees tickles your nose. Well, I decided to see the world. It all happened when I took the courage to go beyond my comfort zone. Because when every single cell of your body, every piece of hair rising up on your skin, is telling you to do something. You should always follow it. And know that the universe put this in place for a reason. Well, you either stay in one square box, get to know all the corners, the area, it's square root, length of the sides, whether the box is a rectangle or square or a three-dimensional figure. No harm done. Or you move out of that box into various other figures - a circle, a rhombus/kite, a trapezium and explore these vast areas, the mass in them and be amazed at how much there's to know, explore and learn. Travelling is something that opens up minds, changes opinions, and makes us look at the bigger picture. It makes us humble, and increases our knowledge many folds.