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location iconUttam Nagar East, Shivaji Marg, Block D, JJ Colony, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Hmm something about myself ok first thing i like the most meeting strangers because they have lots of story to tell lots of experiences to tell like how they traveled the same place were you are planning to go sometimes they teachs a whole lesson about life and thats the beautiful thing ok look just imagine you are in bus and you were on a solo trip dont have internet connection so you have to look if anybody in the same situation and start talking about their trip and tell about yourself and go on they can tell you about their family friends what they do and you do the same thing you tell your passion our dreams and then the location arrived and you both are going to take two directions and never ever meet that person again in your life just think about that moment and i can live my whole life with this memories thats why i love travel and meeting strangers