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location iconPerth, Western Australia, Australia
I eat, I travel, I live :) For starter, I went on a road trip with a bunch of friends, which then followed by two overseas trip with one of my best friends every year. It has been quite a journey for me to learn about budgeting for a trip, reading the maps, and yes, PACKING MY LUGGAGE. LOL! I would say I am DEFINITELY still a beginner in planning a trip because my travel buddies literally "babysit" me throughout the trip, from booking air tickets to finding accommodation and finally to planning the itinerary. I never knew it's quite a challenge until I have decided to visit Denmark in Europe, SOLO. Haha. What I love about travelling is that I always get to learn something that grows me, and finding inspirations that would help me see things from other perspective that I could never thought of before. And of course, getting me out of my comfort zone and learn to be more independent. I LOVE walking around the town and see the daily life of the locals, which definitely includes trying out the local delights. LOL! I look forward to ticking my super duper zuper long Bucket List in the years to come. And that includes getting a better camera to capture my journey as I explore this beautiful world :) When wanderlust kicks in, pack and go ;)