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Our names are Gagan Vashistha & Shivangi Dixit, and at age 30 (in 2020), we quit our mediocre middle class married life to travel the world. We live a nomadic life, seek adventures off the beaten path, and work as a Social Media Expert to fund our travels. The Green Travellers is the home of all our travels, and we hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world. Come with us on ride being a VEGETARIAN? We grew up in our respective protective Indian families in Delhi, a metro city based out in India, and we spent our childhood’s wondering what we do after school as we were dating throughout our adolescence. After finishing our schools we drifted towards our careers where I chose to be an IT Professional and she chose to be a Flight Attendant. During all this time we got a little time to travel as she was flying International and I was studying. Luckily, I graduated in 2010 after recession and worked for reputed brands like DELL, CISCO & KLM Airlines.We travelled together and learnt everything we know about social media, and started following the journey of travel bloggers across the world. We both quit our jobs, I joined Family Business and she became a Homemaker so as to convince our parents to get us married. Soon, we realised we were not meant to be in that zone and hence we packed our bags and left for a road trip down South India. We then travelled towards high Himalayas of India. In those six months, we saw, we experienced and lived more than we ever had before.We then chose three cities outside India which would fall in our budget and witnessed Exhilarating Dubai, Serene Bali and Adventurous Hongkong & Macau. We then decided to work and save for our salaries with the dream of travelling the world on our own terms.
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