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Harnam singh

location iconMandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
Meanwhile, we start thinking of our lives and careers; I was almost stuck in the dreamy land of landscapes and wildlife. Born and brought up in the lands of Gods, ‘Mandi, Himachal Pradesh’ I was almost figuring out my career and future aspects when I took my first step of education after schooling, by entering into ‘Vallabh Gov. College, Mandi’ in 2011. I pursued B.CA from the same.But, as they say, ‘Follow your heart’, and it didn’t work out for me. Moving forward with B.CA wasn’t anymore a cup of tea for me. It was getting harder day by day, and hence I thought of dropping my college in 2012. Being a Himachali, I was always connected and charmed by the serene and breath-taking landscapes and wildlife. On my daily morning walk in the lanes of jungle and rivers, I was getting attracted by the idea of learning photography. A thought of capturing those mesmerizing views and landscapes was not leaving my mind behind. Since, then I started learning the skills of photography. In the year 2011, I didn’t have enough money to buy a professional camera. Hence, I followed my passion and heart through a pocket camera. Trust me; it was the biggest risk to learn, but a beautiful lesson. At first, I thought of joining some photography course in order to learn and grasp the knowledge of photography. But, I always had the self-confidence to give a new try to everything I encountered. So, here I started my journey. Initiating from a pocket camera, and presently moving up with a professional camera, I am still learning. ‘You learn from your womb till tomb’, pretty correct! And I started learning and practicing like a mad fellow. Started spending hours on my shoot and photography so that I can reach up to a level where I can represent my work in front of audience. And look, to where have I reached.