Photo of Annabel and Tom

Annabel and Tom

Tom is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie who has more than once willingly (and stupidly) put himself at risk during our latest adventure. Never able to turn down a challenge and always up for trying new things, Tom has tasted all kinds of culinary delights from fried scorpion to spit roasted rat, but his weakness in particular is his love of foreign beer. He is currently struggling through an 80 hour work week as a security guard during the day and door supervisor at night desperately trying to save enough for Central America. He is also trying to get to the gym as much as he can to lose some of the excess weight gained from all the cheap beer and street food in Asia. Annabel has always been a bit of a dreamer; never one to settle for second best she is tireless in her search for cheap rooms and has honed her haggling skills to near perfection. She is definitely the more challenged of the two by the concept of ‘roughing it’ although she has encountered her fair share of dingy and dilapidated rooms. She is the perfect balance for Tom’s somewhat reckless attitude and above all lets nothing get in the way of her hunt for the perfect beach. Annabel is currently battling the boredom of office life as she works the 9 to 5 daily grind for a UK bank. Unable to accept the transition from beach bum to office worker, she is working every hour of overtime available to save up as much as she can to bank funds for the upcoming travels.