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location iconNashik, Maharashtra, India
We, Hills and Valleys Tours & Adventures, a flagship of Blueberry Tours and Travels Nashik, Maharashtra(India) tied our ropes in adventure & tourism industry in 2014. Weekend getaways, road trips, offbeat trails, luxury travel with casual elegance and much more have been our calling. When we travel, we emphasis on the local culture, heritage, arts and so on that the destination has to offer. We share our passion to travel & adventure with our travellers, which we feel is important for our traveller to connect with his journey and make the most of it.. We travel in small group. Why???? Because, the world is a big place, really big actually. And there’s plethora of different languages, cultures, traditions to negotiate. Small group travel makes these things easy and allows you to maximise your precious time off. Group size varies depending on where and how we’re travelling, but the average would be around 10. We draft weekend plans, road trips/expeditions, adventures, corporate events & adventures. We are people consumed by wanderlust, which we are passionate about. We are about adventure.