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Himalayan Drifters

location iconKasol, Himachal Pradesh, India
Drifter: One that drifts, especially a person who moves aimlessly from place to place. We at Himalayan Drifters believe in Nature, Adventure and Adrenaline. We might be new to the business but we are the “locals” who have grown up and thrived around these mountains, rivers and valleys. We are experienced, innovative and have the die-hard attitude to make your stay/trip an amazing lifetime memories. Come.. experience The Mighty Himalayas with us in “Pahari style”. Would you like to travel in the Himalayas?? We bet, You will love everything about it – the vast open spaces you will live in, the peaks, the people, the climate and the opportunities it gives you as an adventurer and as a human being. Climb Mountains, Run Rivers, herd sheep with Gaddis (shepherds in the Himalayas) in the high meadows of Himachal. Pack your rucksack and hit the trails to some remote valley, Trek over high passes, witness frozen waterfalls, camp by the still waters of some high altitude lake. Discover new peaks and treks. Come, join us and drift with Himalayan Drifters.