Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh
Holiday Scout—your travel guide We make your travel to various destinations in India a memorable one. The tourists can design their own packages to their favourite destinations as per their time and money constraints. We also offer fixed tour packages under categories of: adventure tourism, pilgrimage, wildlife and environment tourism. Our tour packages will take you to the most revered religious destinations; to most covet trekking expeditions; to showcase India’s rich and dynamic culture; to be a witness to forests, wildlife and environment in its pristine glory. The tour could be one or combination of these options available. Holiday Scout promises to make your stay in India a lifetime experience. . We specialise in tour packages for North East India. North East India--also known as the seven sisters which refer to seven hill states in the region is a paradise unexplored. Each of these states has a distinct cultural heritage, cuisine, ethnicity and language. Historically, North East was the most isolated part of India. But, no more. The world is recognizing its immense tourism potential. One of the seven sisters, Arunachal Pradesh, has recently been declared as one of the top ten regions to travel to for the year 2012 by Lonely Planet. James Hilton’s 1933 classic book, Lost Horizon, describes Arunachal as ‘a Garden of Eden on Earth: a land of milk and honey in a hidden Himalayan valley, where nobody grew old or ugly.’ The region’s green, rich biodiversity, beautiful deep and green valleys, snow clad mountains, are one of the best in the world. The rich, diverse and colourful tribal cultural heritage and cuisine adds another dimension to the whole experience. It is a must destination for every serious traveller.
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