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location iconNew York & London
Aga and Iza, aka Hot Toddies. We're originally from Poland, but we met in the States. Barely knowing each other, in February 2010 we dropped everything, took our life savings, and cluelessly started gliding around the globe. Extended Bio Our mission of setting foot on all seven continents was accomplished in late January 2012, as we arrived to Morocco. After traveling through North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia and Oceania, Asia and Europe we finally made it to Africa the seventh continent. It took us nearly 2.5 years to reach our goal, we visited 33 countries, slept in 209 different beds and stepped foot on all the seven continents. But this was not the end, our travel bug continued in full swing. "Once you are a nomad, you will remain a nomad for life" - said a friend before our trip. I must agree, we took off together, we traveled for months together, and even when it was time to split and go our own ways, somehow we never put the backpack away. Post Toddie travel journey within the same year we managed individually to visit additional seven countries. It's a virus. More on our travels can be found on out blog at