Photo of Hrutika


I have never really understood how to define myself as I can never limit myself to a definition. Nevertheless I have tried to put it down in a few words. Throughout my childhood I have been an adventure-lover and seeker of fun, thrill and new experiences, so I have always loved travelling and exploring. I keep looking for ways through which I can express my perception of this world. The meaning of my name Hrutika is, ‘seasons’, and seasons change. And just like that, throughout my life I have never been constant in doing one thing. From being into sports, to music, to making films and learning languages, I have always tried new things and in a way have tried to express myself through these things. I believe in going with the flow, following the moment, and this has always helped me out. Here on ‘Simply Live’, I talk about the simple things of life that people in general tend to forget. They get carried away in their busy lives, chasing big goals, and forgetting that simple moments are the ones that give real and lasting joy. I am here to remind them about it, to share my story, to discover the world and to show it to people, the way I see it. My mission is to transform the inner me and to share this experience with others on the way.