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ICONO serveis culturals is a Barcelona-based cultural services company with more than 15 years' experience in the sector. ICONO is one of Barcelona's top cultural services companies, renowned for its thoughtful and creative responses to each client's needs. Our company offers the opportunity to present art and culture in an attractive and singular way. We work with a large variety of cultural menus: we create art and gastronomy visits, cultural tours, thematic and literary routes, bespoke services. Our intention is to give an answer to all your requests, even the most unusual. We provide professional advice for all the details of your visit, taking into account the best way to spend your leisure time together with your preferences, your availability and showing you all the possibilities that Barcelona and Catalonia have to offer. Corporate travel professionals count on us too for organizing business workshops and unique teambuilding activities featuring just about anything from cooking classes to treasure hunts. Whether you're travelling on your own, with your family and colleagues, or working as a travel agent, we're here for you… in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, and even Finnish! Thanks to the quality of our services and the high professionalism of our staff, you will be able to enjoy some unforgettable holidays in Barcelona. What we do ICONO started life in 1995 as a cultural services company and over the years it has developed two different strategic lines: sociocultural and educational projects in collaboration with public institutions and a line that specializes in providing information, customer service and tourist services for the private sector. We organize a wide range of activities such as guided tours and cultural bespoke routes, art workshops, treasure hunts, teambuilding activities, workshops and organizing activities for incentives, conferences and fairs. ICONO is the first company that offers cultural activities in the sector of Business Tourism. ICONO's mission is to develop socio-cultural activities for the public and private sector seeking to raise awareness among the general public and visitors towards the tangible and intangible heritage of Catalonia, taking into account that culture, understood in a broad sense, is a fundamental right of human beings. Our values are professionalism and quality to develop all our services.