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location iconMumbai, Maharashtra, India
I was born in Mumbai, the most busiest city of India, where I grew and live today. For about 5 years I have been working with advertising agencies as a creative visualizer. I’m also a camera lover and film making is a pleasure, one of my favorite hobbies. Have came along many people who want to travel, but just a few go ahead and do it. I like to plan and trace my goals, so right after college graduation, in 2011, I started planing my first great trip. Cameras on, a backpack and a map full of marks. That made me create this Instagram account to share my adventures and all I was learning with the places I knew. Much more than expected, I get many comments here, with people saying they like the content and the way I put each detail. I wondered that I could share it with much more people, that’s why, to inspire everyone to do the same, to travel the world, I am planning and finding ways to shift my career into something that let me travel for the rest of my life!!
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