Photo of Empty Rucksack Travelers

Empty Rucksack Travelers

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We are an Indian couple that loves to travel. That’s it. Really. The long version is we set sail on 28th November 2012 (and that is a very important day for the one among the two of us) from our rented house in London to travel the world for an year. We have been out and about for an year now and nowhere close to even halfway through. But our rucksacks which we try to keep light and are now overflowing with loads of memories, stories and pictures. And they are getting heavy. So here we have arrived creating a port of transfer to unload our experiences and share them around, to send you love and inspiration if you want to kick that desk job and give what we are doing a try. Mostly we thought it would be fun to have conversations about travel with people who are far away and love traveling just as much.