Photo of Bros On Roads by Jasbir & Akshit

Bros On Roads by Jasbir & Akshit

location iconDelhi, India
BrosOnRoads is a startup blog initiated by two brothers who love to travel and explore new things. And want to help others to travel economically and safely by sharing their experiences. As lin yutang said- “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”We all have one life so why not explore it in million ways and travelling is the best way to do this. So to live this life in million ways we travel, meet new folks and get to know about their culture and lifestyle. Through our blog we want to share our experiences with you which will help you in travelling economically, safe and better. No trip is perfect because travelling is all about exploring and while exploring one will face difficulties, but by sharing our experience we want to shrink that level of difficulty. We live in a world of 7 continents, 195 countries and about 4417 cities which means that there is infinite to explore in this one life, so why to waste time pack your bags and get ready to travel with BrosOnRoads.