New Delhi, Delhi, India
An artist by choice & profession. I’m often confused about what I love more – Travelling Or Food; both equally, I guess! I like to get high on conversations filled with laughter. I have big dreams and a bigger heart. If you are stuck somewhere and you are sure I hate you, I’d still help you get out of the trouble. My friends call me “Jugaadu” for a reason. And yes, though my heart is still that of a child, the mind has grown up to be that of an adult; sorry, a “Punjabi Adult” – If you know what I mean! There are a lot of reasons that could let you hate me but there are even more that you would love me for.
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  • Nature
  • Backpacking
  • City Travels
  • Adventure
  • Arts & Events
  • Beach Holidays
  • Budget Travel
  • Day Trips
  • Road Trips
  • Food & Drinks
  • Getaways
  • Luxury
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