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Jayrajsinh Chavda

location iconAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
My interests have consistently been artistic related and in the past, I’ve dabbled in many things such as acting, music and photography. art, history and the esoteric fascinate me. My career graph always followed the direction of my diligence. However, the one interest that stuck with me was video. Out of this passion, I have Written, Directed & Produced number of short films, music videos, documentaries, ad films. I own a film production company based in India. As well as client work I always have several personal projects on the go, and the rest of the time I spend making music. I did my bachelors in Performing Arts (Theatre Arts) and consistently pursuing the calling of my dreams and vision, making films, rather, the creative aspects of filmmaking. Theatre also holds a huge piece of my heart, so I love spending my time either on a set, or on a stage. I am interested to make thought provoking cinema, films which is highly visual, grand, epic, cinematic style, with unconventional narrative structures breaking form, blending reality and imagination, fantasy, dreams, scientific, philosophical, metaphysical and humanistic ideas. What I make reflects my experiences in life, my emotions, my feelings about certain things, my stories and of course, the many worlds that reside in my imagination. So when I say "I make films" it just means that I am manifesting bits and pieces of me in a motion. What I write is simply an overflow of interactions I have with the brokenness of the human condition. Some of it comes in dreams, other times it emerges from seasons of sorrow, humiliation, warfare, joy and pain. I am partial introvert and life for some reason has kept me busy throughout. an emotional yet sharp thinker. Nurturing raw happiness and sharing joy is what i love and adore. Rather, the best way to tell you who I am is to tell you what I see, hear and live. I am deeply Interested in the mystery of life and universe. Searching the essence of life with the tool of physics, philosophy and spirituality. I am endlessly creating myself with peace, positivity, and good vibes. I Have been living quite of nomadic-hippie lifestyle.