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Oh hi, I’m Jessie, the human behind this blog. I am originally from Washington D.C. and have been traveling longer than I can remember. I boarded my first plane days before my first birthday, and celebrated by dancing on the steps of the Louvre. I’ve had the travel bug ever since, and really began to pick up the pace of my travels when I left to study anthropology abroad in Malta from 2008-2009. During that year, I traveled solo for the first time, camped in the Sahara Desert, meandered through snow-covered Alps by train, and woke up most mornings to a view of the Medditerranean. Coming home was hard, and I knew I wasn’t done living abroad quite yet, so I got my ESL teaching certificate (with Teaching House in New York, if you’re wondering) and left to teach ESL in a small village in Costa Rica in January 2010. From there, I moved to Seattle in September 2010, then fufilled a life long goal by setting off with the Peace Corps in July 2011 to serve as an education volunteer in Madagascar. From July 2011 – September 2013, I lived outside of Antsirabe, Madagascar teaching English at a public middle school (hence all the posts about Madagascar). Currently, I’m slowly making my way home on a RTW trip through Africa and Asia.