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Hi everyone! I’m Joann, a 20-something multi-passionate Filipina. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug since the week-long Northern Luzon trip. I grow up into thinking that I need to be filthy rich in order to travel. But as I read and read more about people who get to see places despite their limited fund, I get to realize that traveling is just a matter of setting priorities and just making things happen. I also get to prove this when I went to certain places and get to enjoy them given a set amount of budget. Another myth that I busted is that you need to quit your job if you want to travel. While there’s certainly nothing wrong in doing it (as long as you are financially, physically, and emotionally prepared to do it) but I think it’s not for everyone. When I was still working full time in a hospital, I still get to travel given my tight schedule. Definitely, if you really want something so bad, you can find means to do it.