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location iconJaipur, Rajasthan, India
This is the hardest part when someone ask me to talk about myself. This is the time when i have to reflect upon myself in simplest way so that others can understand of what cosmic mess i am made of. Still i sometimes try my hand in delivering an inline description of what i am and what i do. And what is the purpose behind what i am doing. I'm a Customer Quality Engineer at National Engineering Industries, Jaipur. When i'm not working in my weekends and off days i like to travel. But don't confuse myself as a traveler, i am a seeker, but of truth. i travel on budget to experience and learn more about life. Perhaps! i am completely consumed by my wanderlust. Away from society and its stereotypes, i chose to be a mirror to reflect compassion and humanity. I chose to be a Homo Sapien in this race of Homo Deus. Find me on Instagram as : thehimalayanhusky