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Jyoti Porwal (freaky adrift traveler)

location iconIndore, Madhya Pradesh, India
I love to explore hidden beauties. As I turned mature, I realized that traveling is neither a hobby or passion it's like an antidote to me. The thrill of delving into new states at an early age was incomparable yet educational. Never thought that the passion of traveling will also take a step up to travel blogging. Social media in my life took a very positive turn, instead of doing just chit-chat and scrolling feeds my interest developed more towards surfing new places and reading different travel stories. Well, in a period of traveler, I am a tourist who is just 21 years old. A proud tourist who traveled more than 50 cities, 1000 more to go. I always dreamt of; open skies and unknown roads. From 1st to 21st traveling has always been my dig. Rush to the place where the wifi is weak are places which pamper all your mood swings. So either traveler or a tourist doesn't matter, just sit and dream, create a new travel tale at least once a month. And And And --------- Travel so frequent that the city will think "Will she come next to me?" _____________________ _____________________ well, currently I am pursuing engineering in Electronics and communication branch.