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Karishma Shaikh

location iconParis, France
Hello everyone, I am Karishma also known as Kash. I am Indian by origin but for now I live in Paris, France. I came to France to pursue my masters in Aircraft Mechanics and yes, I’m a nerd! For the first couple of years, I lived in a small village in France and absolutely adored it. Then life happened and I got a job in the city of love: Paris!!! I love food, sleeping, pyjamas, long hugs and stars. You can literally persuade me using any of these things. I love meeting new people and the ultimate aim of my travel is always going to be that. Backpacked solo to 8 countries in the European continent, and my life has never been the same after that. I love using paper maps, and getting lost in new places. I get lost most of the time (93% - I’m an engineer you see) and when I do get lost, I stumble across something extraordinary. I found places I wouldn’t have normally, and I just love those foldable pieces of adventure.