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location iconMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Ummm so this is me, a tiny human on the face of this planet who would trade anything to become a travel show host! ( not sure why they have to be looking like picture perfect models most of the times ) Currently a corporate lawyer in the media industry, I am aiming at making money to survive first and then earn my trips and fulfill my bucket-list wishes! I love Simple and local exploring, safe wildlife encounters ( not a reptile person though) and more of nature than cities! I am somehow more of a mountain person than a beach person, since the mountains hold a sense of mystery to them, however I am coming to love beaches now. The Aurora Borealis and Antarctica expedition is on my permanent list, but I need to find myself a driving partner and do a road trip too ! Keep following this page for more updates on my travels, local and international, while I work towards my travel wishlist! Cheers!