Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Ummm so this is me, an explorer who would trade anything to become a travel show host! ( not sure why they have to be looking like picture perfect models ) Currently a corporate lawyer in the media industry, I am aiming at making money to purely sponsor my trips and fulfill my bucketlist wishes! I love adventure more than luxury when it comes to travel. Simple and local exploring, getting lost, wildlife encounters and being at the right place to experience natural phenomenons like the aurora borealis ( nothern lights) gives me a high no other drug or alchohol could! I am somehow more of a mountain person than a beach person, since the mountains hold a sense of mystery to them, however I am coming to love beaches now. The Aurora Borealis and Antarctica expedition is on my list as of now,. but before that a trip across Europe shall be done! Keep following this page for more updates on my travels, local and international, while I work towards my travel wishlist! Cheers!
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