Wandering, Wondering: There is something surreal about a red moon rising over the snow serenity of the Garhwal Himalayas. It's something that can only be experienced, never be expressed in its entirety. However, the essence of it may be captured. The purpose of this blog is and will be to capture that essence, the ethereal spirit that lurks around every nook and corner of the Himalayas, perhaps the world's most sublime mountain range. In parallel, this blog will also attempt to capture staff that we generally overlook in the mad rush of life. A quaint little place in the midst of a buzzing metro evening. A century old abandoned jetty in Pondicherry, or a station named Nirakarpur ("the place without a shape"). That aside, it will, from time to time, post a few snippets about the weird side of cartography, mostly digital. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your impressions.
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