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Hi we Subhashree & Mahesh Barik founded with a objective to provide authentic reviews of Places, Activities, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts and local Traditions, Cultures & Festivals . We both are gummakar, travel is our second nature..... We are very much passionate about Travelling, Exploring New Places, Meeting Local People, Having Local Foods, Understanding Local Culture & Traditions. I love to have my bag packed and move on to road. It gives me happiness, Joy and sense of fulfillment. I Mahesh Barik always suggest friends do not to waste your time world is waiting for you... Pack your Bag.... Tighten your laces and move out. Live your life now.... Live ever... Live for eternity.... without a single regret. The beautiful poem of Robert Frost inspired me every moment..... The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. So I am trying to understand the promise of Robert Frost made for himself and trying to these questions ???? What is that Promise? Whom for that Promise? How to keep that Promise? Every single morning when I get up and night when I go to bed... I am trying to find out answers of this question..... To make my passion to profession we have founded .. Moksha Tour Planners Pvt. Ltd. Radhey Holiday Destinations Pvt. Ltd. Oricab, GoTaxi, Dial A Taxi & TravelSangi... HAPPY TOURING.....
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