Photo of Margo Paige

Margo Paige

HI FRIEND! My name is Margo, I’m a lifelong Virginian currently calling Heidelberg, Germany home. The Overseas Escape chronicles my escape to a world bursting with charm, cobbled stone, and accents: EUROPE. My husband Dan and I, along with our pup Stuart made the big jump across the Atlantic in 2013. With a feverish a sense of urgency and chants of “YOLO” in our ears, we intend to explore this continent as much as possible before the siren calls of Chik fil A and Target reel us back to our homeland. We aren’t museum or big tour bus people. Instead, we thrive on the unique, offbeat experiences that make a place truly awesome – boating in Hallstatt Austria, kayaking Lake Killarney, or exploring the markets of Amsterdam – we love to be active and really feel a place for all that it’s worth. My passion is for culture, food and photography.