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Mayank Pandeyz (with floating shoes)

location iconGwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India
I am an IT Guy from Gwalior, working as a Software Developer in in Noida. I love to travel and see new places and to make new friends during my trips. . . . . “ I travel because it is impossible to read or google that feeling of being invited into some one's life on the other side of the map". Rest Google baba will tell you, Google my name "Mayank Pandeyz" :P . . . . #MP ka Blogger . . . इधर का ही हूँ ना उधर का रहा सफ़र का ही था मैं सफर का रहा.. . . . राहों के इश्क़ में 'राहगीर', कुछ इस क़दर बह गया की वह कुछ वापिस आया, और कुछ वहीँ रह गया। Only blogger who writes in English & Hindi