Photo of Michelle & Jamie

Michelle & Jamie

Jamie and Michelle are step sisters and best friends. They have always shared a passion for travel and adventure that the word ‘wanderlust’ does not begin to describe. The girls first met when Jamie was 11 and Michelle was 10. A year or so later, Jamie’s dad married Michelle’s mom and the rest was step-family history. Michelle’s first memory of Jamie was that she was wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Save the Manatees.’ Jamie also had a mullet at this time. Whatever happened to the manatees, anyway? Have they been saved? Do they still need saving? Should we start the T-shirts back up again? Jamie’s first memory of Michelle was that she wanted to play some sort of game that involved running across the driveway while Michelle’s mom was backing out the car. Ah, the young daredevil. Jamie thought she was crazy. The two girls have gone on trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Japan and China together, but this is by far their longest and most ambitious trip. Will they survive 5-plus months on the road together?