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Life is the grandest, zaniest, and easily the most scintillating of all journeys. Why we’re here and what we do with our lives is a question that tickles or torments us all. We’re all so blessed to have been handed this priceless ticket to ride life’s roller-coaster. For maximum mileage, I believe that our time on earth should be guided by the three E’s–explore, experience, and enjoy. And that’s what this blog is all about. After years of being a cog in the wheel of technology firms, I finally heaved myself out of my comfortably-numb state and decided to do what we all hope to, but rarely do: Follow My Heart. After much deliberation I decided to bid adieu to my 9-to-5 life. Losing a steady paycheck was hard, but winning endless time to travel, doodle, and dream was a windfall. It’s been two years since I was liberated (not retired) from the corporate clutches and my only regret is that I waited too long to let go of my security blanket. When I’m not traveling, I’m immersed in planning out my next adventure. Instead of stuffy mindless meetings, my Google calendar is now packed with travel itineraries. Covering these thousands (hopefully millions by the time I bite the dust) of miles has been a source of unimaginable happiness.Through this blog, I’d like to take you along–as a guide and a friend–on some of the most memorable treks, road trips, and railway tours I’ve been on. Just like they’ve done for me, I sincerely hope that these magical miles will bring plenty of smiles in your life.