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Misfit Magellan

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I am a lone wanderer. I am a dream chaser. I am a voyager, I am a misfit, I am anything but an ordinary guy, I am the modern day Magellan on a voyage of discovery. I am the MisfitMagelan. Travelling and riding has always been my passion and now those are not just my passion but also my profession. I am not Leaving on a Jet plane, I know when I will be back again and I love to go. But.... I am going on a Bike ride around the world. :D I am riding 1,00,000 kilometer for 400 days covering 45 Countries, 2 Continent starting from India on January 3rd 2016. Riding across 36 states and union territories across India for 150 days. This is a nomadic journey, This is a love triangle between the man his machine and the world.