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Pench National Park About Pench National Park Pench Tiger Reserve, designated after the pristine Pench River, is nestled in the Madhya Pradesh districts of Chhindwara and Seoni, which adjoin the state of Maharashtra. The Pench River runs directly through the park's heart. It runs north to south, separating the reserve into proportionate eastern and western halves. Since it was designated as a tiger reserve later in 1992, the area is now often known as Pench National Park. Pench Tiger Reserve is both Madhya Pradesh's and Maharashtra's pride. Because of its unusual location, it has been accessible from both states since entry gates open. The park houses not only wildlife but also mankind. Ten communities surround the park, with one inside Fulzari and the other nine on the outskirts. Though Pench National Park appears to be a recreation of the classic story, it is much more. Flora species found in the Pench Tiger Reserve include Mahua, White Kulu, Salai, Saja, Bijiyasal, Dhaora, Amaltas, and many more. Aside from trees, the park contains meadows, shrubs, and saplings. Entry Gates Of Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park The forest in Madhya Pradesh is separated into Core Zones and Buffer Zones. Among these entrance gates are: • Number of Core Zones - 03 [ Turia Gate, Karmajheri Gate, Jamtara Gate ] • Number of Buffer Zones - 03 [ Rukhad Buffer Zone, Khawasa Buffer Zone, Teliya Buffer Zone ] • Entry Gates Near Core Zones - 02 [ Khursapar Gate, Sillari Gate ]