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Nicolas Zapata

location iconSan Petersburgo, Rusia I enjoy life as much as i can, and life seems to respond very well to that. All about me i'm extroverted, i love living outdoors and meeting new people. There is nothing as exciting as experience new cultures and learning from everything, like the best hidden awesome places in a surprising city to the deepest reasons people can become incredible. I wanna live beyond the obvious, beyond the normal and the common, to be honest i can't imagine myself in an office for 8 hours a day working for someone else, but i can do work 16 hours straight for a good cause. Life has been great to me so I have been able to live in Australia, France and Colombia and to visit a bit of this fantastic world. I love conversations, deep and thoughtful or light and very amusing, i am very good listener and I do have some funny and unheard stories to tell! I shall go trough this earth only once, and I will make the most of it wherever and whenever i go. Happiness is my way and wisdom my mission. (and laugh is a good oil for it)